Friday, September 24, 2010

For Me...

I know I need to post about my first Chemo treatment, and I will, but I couldn't let this experience be forgotten.  I almost didn't post about it because of it's personal nature, but then I remembered this is my record of all that is and has happened.  And this experience was too tender for me to not write it down.

The day after I had Emma, my doctor put me on a medication to help dry up my milk since I would not be able to nurse her.  With just having a lumpectomy,  my surgeon was worried that I would get an abscess or something that would cause complications at the surgery site.  Also, with chemo in the future, breast feeding was just not going to work out.  I was sad.  I had a little mourning session and then accepted it for what it was.  It would be alright.  And it really was.  However, the Lord once again was merciful to me.  About 5 days or so after I finished with that prescription, I started to have milk let-downs.  I was really surprised.  This was about 3 weeks after I had given birth AND been on medication.  After about two days of this, I decided and felt like it was happening for some reason and so I decided to try to nurse Emma - 3 weeks after she was born!  It worked and together we had a very tender, loving moment.  I was touched and recognized this as a tender mercy from the Lord.  I got to have a small nursing moment with my daughter  It was one of the most beautiful experiences that I will always cherish.   And then my milk stopped... all on it's own. 
The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.   Psalm 145:9


  1. Thank you so much for sharing a tender moment and letting us feel of your joy and experience.

    Much love!

    Lisa Harris

  2. Ohhhhh- I love it! You are so blessed by a loving Heavenly Father! And Emma is so blessed to have such a stong mommy! Thank you for sharing such a private and personal experience - it strengthens my testimony..... hey - how come you are strengthening me when I am supposed to be strengthening you? You are AMAZING!

  3. Thanks you for sharing that special moment in your life. It brings to mind so much joy during this difficult time.

    Love you. Stay strong. You are AMAZING!