Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recipes for Life

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I became keenly aware of what I was putting into my body.  At first I was afraid to eat anything.  This wasn't so great as I was 8 months pregnant, and my little girl needed some food!  I ate very little and it had to be nothing but a whole/super food.  (No sugar allowed!)   Well, I have relaxed a bit and do enjoy a goodie from time to time .... especially a piece of Dove's Dark Chocolate :)  But, my goal is to give my body all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.   So, I have kind of come up with a daily routine.  For breakfast, I most always have a big bowl of quinoa or oatmeal, an omelet or if I am in a big hurry, I will have a bowl of Cherrios with nonsweetened almond milk and a BIG (like have a little cherrios with your blueberries kind of big) handful of blueberries.  It is so yummy!   Thanks to my dear friend, I have also gotten hooked on "Green Shakes"  except for mine turn out purple because I add so many berries.  They are so delicious and you KNOW you are doing something great for your body!
For lunch, I most ALWAYS have a HUGE salad.  I can't believe how much I crave them now.  It fills me up all the way until dinner time.
For dinner, I am a little more flexible depending on what I make for my family, but I do only use whole grain pasta, bread, chips and tortillas now.  They have gotten so good.  I try to always have a salad in addition - even if it is just lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.  I would say that my go-to ingredient would be BEANS.  Any kind of beans.  I love them and put them on everything.  They are so good for you, too.
I have felt a big difference in my body as I have become very selective about what I eat.  I know that I am giving it what it needs and that is a great feeling!  I love my body - every stitch of it!

Huevos Rancheros
Pinto beans, seasonings, poached egg, tomatoes, avacado and Cholula

Breakfast Shake
kale, cucumber, parsley, banana, triple berry mix

Cooked quinoa, unsweetened almond milk, fresh berries, chopped nuts
cinnamon and toasted shredded coconut.

Veggies about to be roasted

Kale, turkey, bell peppers, asparagus, cheese
tomatoes, green onions and Cholula

Romaine, Arugula, black beans, tomatoes, avacado, bell peppers, parmesan cheese
Dressing:  Fresh Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a LARGE clove of garlic, s&p.

"And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; and shall
find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures;
and shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint."
D&C 89: 18 - 20 (A revelation given to Joseph Smith on the Word of Wisdom - a health guide) 

Friday, March 18, 2011

My New Look and Some Wicked Fingernails

It's official.  I am DONE WITH HATS!  Sunday I went to church (at my home ward) without a hat on.  It was a great feeling.  Everybody was so kind and encouraging about my new look.  I really appreciated the genuine happiness and excitment for the point that I am at now.  It is really amazing when I look at pictures of myself when my hair was just first coming in (like just a shadow) and I can hardly imagine having such a little amount of hair - even though my hair is only an inch long now.  I am just so grateful and aware that these worries were taken from me while I was in the midst of it.  The Lord is so merciful.  There is no other explanation.

When I go to the store, I get a few interesting looks, but I am really alright with that.  I know that people have NO idea what I have been through and I have nothing to be ashamed of.   Actually, yesterday at the pediatricians office a nice man came up and told me that he really liked my hair.  A little strange, but I appreciated it.

I wouldn't really call myself a judgemental person, but now I really try not to judge people.  Everybody is special, everybody has a purpose, everybody has a story and everybody is a Child of God.

I wanted to add this picture of my fingernails.  Strange, huh?  This is how they looked a few weeks after my last chemotherapy treatment.  Each of the white stripes represents a treatment and the shock that it put on my body.  Thankfully, I never lost any.  The stripes are mostly out-grown now, thank goodness.  They are still a little bumpy, but they are close to looking normal.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Life After Chemo

Last Wednesday Talmage and I headed up to the slopes while the kids were at school.  (Thanks mom for watching the other two little ones!)  It was a great day!  It had been about 10 years or so since I had last skied and to be able to do it now, with energy, was amazing!  It felt SO GOOD!  While we were making our way down the hill, Talmage took a phone call that was one of his sisters.  She wanted to ask me what tasted good to somebody on chemotherapy.  She was taking over a meal to one of her friends who was having treatments.  I gave her a few suggestions.
I thought about that girl much of the day and just thought I would share that there IS LIFE AFTER CHEMO!  AND IT IS GREAT!!!  You will grow ALL of your hair back. You will get your energy back. You will get your taste buds back.  You will get your life back AND... the cancer will be gone and it will have all been worth it!  Stay strong, you can do it!

p.s.  I have four more post in mind for this blog... and then I'm closing this chapter! :)
p.s.s  Isn't that a gorgeous view?!  That is on top of Snow Basin looking toward Antelope Island.  You can see forever!
p.s.s.s.  Yes, that is my black, fuzzy hat.  It is a multi-purpose hat.   ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today I went to church without my hat.  Okay, actually we went to a baby blessing, so we weren't at our home ward, but still I went without my hat.  Talmage had to keep talking me into it all the way up to the doors.  It was a big step.  I'm just ready to be done and move forward - even if that means I have hair that is an inch long, a color that I can't describe to my 11 year old and some gnarly cowlicks!  Good thing I'm not a boy.  Then, for added bravery, I went to choir without a hat.  What the heck, I'm just GOING FOR IT!