Friday, March 18, 2011

My New Look and Some Wicked Fingernails

It's official.  I am DONE WITH HATS!  Sunday I went to church (at my home ward) without a hat on.  It was a great feeling.  Everybody was so kind and encouraging about my new look.  I really appreciated the genuine happiness and excitment for the point that I am at now.  It is really amazing when I look at pictures of myself when my hair was just first coming in (like just a shadow) and I can hardly imagine having such a little amount of hair - even though my hair is only an inch long now.  I am just so grateful and aware that these worries were taken from me while I was in the midst of it.  The Lord is so merciful.  There is no other explanation.

When I go to the store, I get a few interesting looks, but I am really alright with that.  I know that people have NO idea what I have been through and I have nothing to be ashamed of.   Actually, yesterday at the pediatricians office a nice man came up and told me that he really liked my hair.  A little strange, but I appreciated it.

I wouldn't really call myself a judgemental person, but now I really try not to judge people.  Everybody is special, everybody has a purpose, everybody has a story and everybody is a Child of God.

I wanted to add this picture of my fingernails.  Strange, huh?  This is how they looked a few weeks after my last chemotherapy treatment.  Each of the white stripes represents a treatment and the shock that it put on my body.  Thankfully, I never lost any.  The stripes are mostly out-grown now, thank goodness.  They are still a little bumpy, but they are close to looking normal.  


  1. Nae - You look amazing! If I didn't know better, I'd think you just stepped out of the latest Vogue magazine! You're long hair looked beautiful, your short hair looks beautiful. But even more beautiful than that, is what I know is on the inside.....It's the most beautiful of all!