Friday, May 13, 2011

Positive Energy!

 This was our third year as a family walking the "Race for the Cure".  It is an awesome experience to be a part of that sea of pink.  There is such a huge amount of positive energy there and you cannot feel sorry for yourself when you are apart of something so massive.   It is great!  I love all of the variety of people participating.  People in wheelchairs.  People using walkers.  Babies in strollers.  Young kids on their scooters.  Runners.  Elderly people.  Middle aged people.  People who are bald.  People with hair.  Everybody is there for one common cause.  TO HELP FIND A CURE FOR BREAST CANCER!  AND HONOR THOSE THEY LOVE!
When we first started participating three years ago, it was in CELEBRATION for a childhood friend of mine - my age!  Last year, while we were walking I remember seeing a young lady with her husband, baby and parents.  On her back was a sign that read, "In Celebration of... ME!"  I was so taken back by it because she was obviously so young.  Little did I know, that just one year later, I would walk and wear my own sign, my husband would wear a sign for his wife, my five children a sign for their mother, my brother and sister-in-law a sign for their sister and my parents a sign for their daughter.  (I know my sister was there in spirit and will be walking a 3 day race in Philly in October!)  I was slightly emotional.  Last month, my beautiful neighbor passed away after a 17 year battle with breast cancer.  I thought about her and her family a lot!  I also thought about many other people, some who are fighting their hearts out right now, some whom I have just recently met since my diagnosis, and some who happily wear the sign, "In CELEBRATION of ME".   There are so many brave people and there is always HOPE!

Our theme was:


It was a lovely day and I am so thankful to have been there with my family.  They are my treasures!
(p.s.  I have two more entry's for this blog and then I will be done.
I will try to finish this soon!) 

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  1. I LOVE Lila's outifit! She is so stylish. :) I wish we were there with you guys. I have always wanted to do that. Next year... :)