Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preparation for the Boost!

Yesterday at my radiation appointment they spent a little extra time getting me ready for my "boost" treatments.  This is where they isolate the tumor bed for treatment rather than the whole breast.  I guess when the surgeon removes the tumor there is a possibility that a cancer cell could get stuck on the surrounding skin and so my last 6 treatments will focus only on the tumor site where tissue was removed.  They drew a little road map of this on my body - which will remain until I am finished.  This helps them know exactly where to treat.  I am getting SO CLOSE to being done!  I only have 7 more treatments!

While I was waiting for my turn this morning, the lady before me came walking into the waiting area.  She was an elderly lady who was wearing a wig that looked like a headband with sparkly, white hair poofing out the top.  That was one spunky grandma.  I loved it!

Why cry when you can laugh?!

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